A Fantastic Spring 2018 Semester at Cleveland State University

As we finish our 2018 Spring semester at CSU, we can take pride in out achievements towards spreading the message of liberty. Our chapter has been working to achieve a sense of unity among conservative and liberty-minded groups and organizations on campus. As a result, YAL participated in a moderated debate alongside Turning Point USA against the student socialist campus group. During this semester we were also fortunate enough to attend the YAL Cleveland summit. The summit was a great opportunity to network and strategize for the future. It was a perfect example of how the message of liberty is resonating in the minds of young individuals across America and the world.

The debate with the socialist organizations on campus served to be a stark reminder of why discussion and open dialogue is essential for freedom to prosper. It highlighted the importance of being active on campus, as there is a certain amount of stigma attached to being a proponent of capitalism and freedom.  With the amount of cultural influence and indoctrination that exists in academia today, it is more imperative than ever to be a candle shining a light into the darkness of ignorance.

In the coming months, our chapter needs to focus on “ground action” by making direct contact with people around campus. Getting as many people registered with YAL as we can will ensure the survival of the organization, as people are constantly graduating, transferring, or starting their journey through college.

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