A Freshman View Around Campus

So far my freshman year has been going well. I joined up with the campus Libertarian Club and got through the election well, despite my three hour wait in line just to vote for a 3rd party candidate, I guess that is what makes me different. I go to a state college in Pennsylvania called Kutztown University.

The political scene here is pretty disheartening. I have noticed throngs of mindless Obama supporters, one I even got to admit she might be a Libertarian. You got a few but loyal neo-conservative bunch as well. Than you have a small group of Libertarian/Constitutional Republicans like myself. That represents only half the student body, I would say around forty to fifty percent of the campus is apolitical

My major is political science and knowing what I know; I am very critical when it comes to teacher’s political bias. After discussing my disappointmeny with my government teacher with those in the Libertarian Club I was told that all the political science teachers are liberal. My government teacher drove me crazy. It was “American Government/Democrats” class. Though I suspect he was against the drug war and very protective of civil liberties (as expected), but try and tell him people should have the same rights with their money and oh my. One day in class i asked if pumping trillions of dollars into the money supply in such short period of time was a good idea and wouldn’t it cause massive inflation, he basically rubbed it off and disagreed.  I am glad the semester is over now.

As winter break starts there are plans for the following semester with the Libertarian Club. We have two informative events: An information table at the spring involvement fair, and another information table in the lobby of a very busy building known as the “SUB”. We hope to get attendance up to a solid group of people. Plans to evolve into a Young Americans For Liberty chapter are in the talks as well. At the last meeting I brought it up and by next year we are planning to make the switch.

Well that is the political scene on my campus. If there is any updates or anything interesting going on I will surely blog about it.

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