A Full Day of Liberty at Colby

The Young Americans for Liberty hosted back to back events on Tuesday, September 27th. The day began with the Free Speech Ball, which was a great success. Most people were confused about the presence of a giant beach ball in the student center, but practically everyone became excited when they were told they could write whatever they wanted on it. Though there were a few unsavory things written on the ball by the end of the day, most of the things were not mean-spirited and written in good fun. Most people supported the message of free speech and the first amendment that the ball represented. During this time, we also took the initiative to garner signatures in order to change our current FIRE designated red light harassment policy to the Chicago standard.

This proved a little trickier. A few people actually supported government’s censorship of speech and the vagueness of the harassment policy. Thankfully, these people comprised only a tiny minority of everyone with whom we interacted. But the response from the Colby community was by and large agreeable.

In the afternoon YAL then began its screening of Deep Web. The film was well received by those in attendance, with many people feeling like they learned a lot more about internet laws and the dangers that may arise when government oversteps its legal and ethical bounds.

Having both events in a single day was a good exercise for all chapter members, and our presence greatly increased on campus. We thank state chair Shane Quinn for helping us out for both events.

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