A Good Day for the Constitution

Here at YAL- NC Wesleyan we started off the semester by educating many of our fellow students on the constitution. I will personally say our turn out was better than expected. We handed out all of our pocket constitutions and bill of rights slips that were sent to us. Additionally, students got involved in debates about the rights of the first amendment. In these small debates we discussed what is considered a peaceful assembly and how we can advocate our rights as citizens. During this event we had students write their favorite amendments on note cards and we taped them outside the library; we had 76 students involved in this act of support. Overall, the event was a success and we have gained two new possible members. Activism is looking good on this side of the United States.

P.S. We had many international students learn their rights for the first time. Which was an awesome experience to be able to educate them about how great our nation is.

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