A Great Start to YAL @ Montgomery College — Welcome Week 2014!

Last week, February 4-6, a “Welcome Week” club drive was held in our cafeteria lobby and there was a great turnout!

Since this was the first recruitment drive for our chapter here at Montgomery, I did not know what to expect. It turned out that the majority of other clubs simply had clipboards and descriptions with no representative. It was a dismal situation with 30 or so clubs spread out over six tables, but using our recruitment materials to their full extent (and pushing to get a whole half a table to ourselves!), it was easy to set our club apart.   

Ready to Recruit!

With the Political Quiz and Nolan chart, I was able to show a lot of people that even though they think of themselves as more liberal or conservative, their political philosophy is more often libertarian.  My friend who is interested in starting the chapter with me and possibly being in a leadership role help me table. We were sure to talk to as many people as possible, getting their names. Most of them signed up!  We even had a faculty member who identified himself as a libertarian offer to be our club sponsor!  

Actively talking IN FRONT of table!

Thanks again so much for all of the recruitment materials it really made the difference — having more information to give out than other clubs and actively engaging people that passed by made even more people stop to see what all the excitement was about. And of course, a bowl of free chocolate never hurts!  

Explaining the Nolan Chart

In just two short hours we had a full page of names, more than any other club present.  And over the three-day tabling period, we got 33 people to sign up for more info.  I was sure to advertise our informational meeting, to be held next Thursday, 2/20.   I have already emailed everybody to thank them for stopping by and I can’t wait to get together for our first meeting!  

It has been an exciting process starting a club at MC, and while it is a challenge to start a club single-handedly, I know with all the material and resources I’ve been provided, everybody who shows up will be just as pumped as I am to be a part of this great organization!  

A lot of Material to give, worked well!

YAL's table

Bribing with Chocolate

Our table

Other Clubs

Other clubs just had sign-up lists with no one present to talk to people.

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