A Happy YAL-O-WEEN at Southern Utah University

Last week, from October 27 – 30, our YAL chapter at SUU set up a civil liberties graveyard and recruited students both indoors and outdoors in an effort to build public awareness of both civil liberties violations and of our chapter’s presence on campus.

Civil Liberties Graveyard at SUU (1)

We managed to acquire a total of 27 new sign-ups, and we’re excited to meet up with them all at our next meeting.

Merrell Heaton (seated, in blue) recruits two new sign-ups during YAL-O-WEEN week at Southern Utah University.

As the results seem to suggest, all-out-activism really is the best way to go for recruiting on college campuses – especially for campuses with apathetic student populations.

YALSUU Chapter President Austin Roebuck (left) and TurningPointUSA's Brandon Shubert (right) table for YAL-O-WEEN.

We bought four sheets of black posterboard, three packages of silver sharpies, eight small wooden stakes, twelve garden fencing segments, two packs of “creepy fabric,” two bags of Halloween candy, and a Halloween candy cauldron in a serious effort to make this event attractive to passing students.

YALSUU's Merrell Heaton interacts with a student in the mall of Southern Utah University's student center during YAL-O-WEEN.

Although it was fairly expensive to purchase all of these supplies (a total of around $124), we received an activism stipend from our Regional Director, Nathan Fatal, for $100 – which covered most of the expenses.

YALSUU Chapter President Austin Roebuck (left) and TurningPointUSA's Brandon Shubert (right) table for YAL-O-WEEN on Oct. 30th.

Never forget to take advantage of the resources at your disposal! Our statewide and regional leaders are prepared to help us with our activism every step of the way – so don’t be afraid to reach out!

I was extremely satisfied with our success, and I’m sure our movement could use more success stories – so compile your contacts, utilize your resources, and launch an epic event or two every semester to get our name out there!

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