A Lesson from our Latin American Friends

In violation of his promise which was echoed by Attorney General Holder wednesday DEA along with local and state authorities raided a total of over a dozen medical marijuana despensaries. Despite San Diego’s recent creation of a task force to begin regulating these despensaries they decided it was best to kick down doors and point guns at MS, AIDS and Cancer Patients who use these facilities for their treatment.

Perhaps us in the good old US of A should begin looking at the recent trend that some other countries have used. Latin America is spearheading drug reform as of lately, due to their continued violence and abuse pandemic that has plagued them for years. Mexico has decriminalized personal possension of Marijuana as well as other drugs, and Argentina’s Supreme Court recently ruled that personal possesion is not a crime but a vice which needs to be viewed as a public health risk. Other countries near the equator have also taken stances like this.

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