A Library of Liberty At Your Fingertips

Education is one of our strongest allies here at YAL. We figure that if you’re in school, you might as well learn something, right? And by that I mean something other than the same tired socialist/Marxist/Keynesian drivel they want you to learn in class, of course.

If you’re like me and are generally fed up with your class readings, or just want some good source material to reference in your latest paper demolishing everything you’ve been taught in How to Be An Obedient Citizen 101, you owe it to yourself to check out the Online Library of Liberty, which has online texts of the selected works of everyone from Lord Acton to Voltaire and beyond.

When so much of our learning has to be taken into our own hands, resources like OLL become invaluable tools. Not to mention, if you’re a literature or poli. sci nerd like myself, this site is the mother lode of procrastination sources. Happy demolishing!

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