A little humor…please

Yes, humor is the one function that in times like these, we could use more of. I don’t know about you, but every time I look at a dollar bill, I cry. Why? Because it says “Federal Reserve Note.” For those who do not yet know, the dollar bill, or the $5 bill, the $20, and so on, are instruments of debt. That’s right, every time a Federal Reserve note is printed it is an automatic debt to you and I. They say that before a new born baby get’s its slap on the kester to help it ‘come alive’, before his or her very first breath the new baby owes over $35,000.00 in taxes. Do YOU feel like crying yet? Well, you may have seen the following video already. If you haven’t, and you need a good laugh, it would do your soul some good to watch it. It’s full of sarcasm, but hey, “it made me laugh when I felt like crying.”

Gloom and doom on the Economy

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