A Long Yet Successful Day

Starting up a new chapter can be difficult. Here at Columbia College Chicago there is an event for incoming freshman and transfer students to learn about the student groups and sign up. Given my chapter at CCC is not yet recognized with the school I could not get priority at this event, which meant I could not get a table. I did however get permission to attend the event and recruit on foot. 

I work 7pm to 7am at my job, and was not able to get any time off This unfortunately meant on top of recruiting alone, and without a table, that I would be recruiting right in the middle between two shifts. I prepared myself. Stapled several materials together to make them easier to carry and distribute, loaded them all in my backpack and headed to Grant Park. 
I spent a lot of time planning how I would approach this. Columbia is a liberal arts school. Most of the students tend to have liberal leanings in turn. I wanted to focus on the common ground that they would have, particularly on social issues, with the libertarian and classical liberal philosophy. I decided however to focus on one idea that is very important to me, individualism. With that i wanted to talk to each and every person and find out what is important to them and how it relates to our ideas at YAL. This may not have been the easiest way, but I feel it would have been much more effective then passing out flyers and hoping people would sign up.  

When the event came to a close and I rode the L home I was proud of the work I did. I had a great time in the process, and met a lot of great people, and had a lot of great discussions. 

Going along with the idea of individualism, my goal is to make our chapter here at Columbia more diverse than any other chapter. I want this chapter to be ours and focus on what issues are important to its members. More than anything I want to make a difference and have fun while doing it.

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