A new semester begins with new tabling for CSUF YAL!


A new semester begins with new tabling!

The California State University of Fullerton YAL chapter was out in full force during “Discoverfest,” where all of the clubs gather to compete for new members. Despite being under the hot California sun for most of the day, the student activists managed to get 57 signs-ups in only four hours. The meeting that night brought in several new students ready to get involved in future projects.

Many Students were impressed by our stance on Syria

Syria was a big issue for students on campus, and the CSUF YAL chapter made our stance on the issue quite clear. Many students approached the table to hear more about the conflict beyond the news headlines they had glanced over

After several semesters of hard work and activism, many students were impressed by the chapter’s epic reputation. Students who had glanced over the club in the past were now marking the meeting times into their smartphone calendars.  Overall, the event was a huge success for both campus recognition and new membership!

CSUF YAL group picture

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