A Northern California Mid-Year Liberty Report

Greetings from YAL 2015 Northern California State Chair, Tim Khousnoutdinov!

This past year for both the Northern California Liberty Movement and YAL as a whole has been a rewarding and educating experience. With new chapters springing up all over the country, the future is set to be a productive and exciting one. The California story is no different, though on its own, possesses greater challenges and thus greater rewards than the rest of the country.

In particular, the UC and CSU systems have proven themselves to be difficult and polarizing institutions to work with, but at the same time at places like CAL in Berkeley, YAL chapters are developing despite the antagonizing words, work, and presence of those on the political left. Because of a new unified effort by State Chairs, Chapter leaders, fresh recruits, and the Regional Director, libertarians and our allies are gaining ground and getting the word out there that we don’t have to keep doing things the same way and that there is hope for a new tomorrow.YAL NorCal 2015 State Chairs

Looking back over these past few months, several notable accomplishments come to mind, the first being (as mentioned earlier) the reformation of the YAL chapter at UC Berkeley a place considered too liberal and inhospitable for liberty to truly take root. Their new leader, a talented and charismatic astrophysicist by the name of Brandon Atchley is gearing up for the new academic year with a multitude of ideas and energy. I had a chance to spend some more time with him and dozens of other liberty lovers activists at last week’s Challenge of Liberty Seminar hosted by Oakland’s Independent Institute (you guessed it, held at CAL). The 5 day intellectually intensive event was a highpoint for this summer, further empowering those in attendance (from all around the world) to spread the message of liberty (literally) far and wide.

YAL West Coast 2015 Directorate

But of course, we can’t forget about the CA State Convention from several months back! It was an honor to attend yet another conference with my comrades and colleagues from all around the West Coast. Before heading down south, myself and the other two State Chairs at the time (being the lovely Reem Tahir and the dashing Niike Andino) attended the American Freedom Foundation’s SF Chapter launch event in the heart of the City before heading off to Reem’s home for an exclusive NorCal Liberty Rally a means to build up the energy, excitement, and attendance for the State Convention. Both events were a success, with good turn-out and a generous distribution of copies of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

So what’s next? Well, if the successes of this past year were anything to go by, expect even bigger and better things in the coming months. Of course, with the YAL National Convention just weeks away, there will be plenty of opportunities to network some more, reconnect with others, and plan out a comprehensive strategy for taking back the rest of the schools on the West Coast. Also look out for partnerships with other organizations like Students for Sensible Drug Policy and pro-liberty contingencies of the Republican Party since 2016 will be a landmark year for change and (the right kind of) progress.Take Back America

Keep the Movement alive and see y’all soon!

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