A Plea to the Current ‘Peace’ Movement

It seems to me that members of the statist left can’t stick to one topic when arguing for their positions. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the “anti-war” movement. Justin Raimondo explains this perfectly in his article “Why is the Antiwar Movement Stalled?

I only bring this up because of an email I received from United for Peace and Justice. In case you haven’t heard of UFPJ, they are one of the largest networks of peace activists in the country right now. They are constantly involved with organizing rallies and building coalitions in the fight for “peace and justice.” In the email I got, they boast about new alliances that UFPJ has created in building for their big rally in DC on October 2nd. Who are these new alliances you may ask? NAACP, 1199 SEIU, the National Council of La Raza, Green for All, Center for Community Change and the United States Student Association. All these are groups wholly owned and supported by statists.

It should come as no surprise though that Jeff Frazee nor John Tate would be contacted to see if YAL or C4l would want to join in on this because as always peace is only one part of this march. In full they are asking — no, demanding:

  • Jobs and economic recovery
  • Cuts in military spending to fund human needs
  • Peace abroad and renewable energy at home

I have no problem with working with the left on on the issues where we agree, primarily demanding a sensible foreign policy and an immediate end to our overseas empire. But sadly it seems like the leftist “peace movement” is too busy focusing on stimulus packages, welfare programs, and environmental regulations to actually work toward peace. I find it funny that “peace abroad” doesn’t even have its own bullet point, let alone being third on the list (that list is copied directly from the email).

Now let me be clear, I’m not trying to put myself or YAL on a pedestal; we of course fight for many things other than an end to empire. However, we are Young Americans for Liberty, not Young Americans for Peace. All I’m saying is stick to your subject and work with others across the spectrum when you can. If you want me to come to your “peace” rally, I want to go there to fight for peace, not your leviathan agenda. The only way to truly build a real cross spectrum peace coalition will be when we can put aside the other stuff and join together for the one thing that we share in common:  not killing others for profit and political gain.

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