A Prayer for Peace

Today, Laurence Vance, author of War, Foreign Policy and the Church writes an excellent article on the seemingly forgotten war HERE.

I realize many readers of Young Americans for Liberty do not subscribe to the Christian belief system; I don’t mean to offend or sound pious. But for those who do worship the Prince of Peace, I thought I would share what was weighing on my heart, as today marks the sixth anniversary of the needless unconstitutional war in Iraq.

Father, I plead for mercy on the King Herods of this nation. Forgive them for the loss of innocent American life; forgive them for the loss of innocent Iraqi life; forgive them for the unethical loss of treasure; forgive them for the coercive loss of liberties You have given us.

Bring the troops home safe and soon so that not one more drop of innocent blood is lost on foreign soil.

Wake up a generation of Christians who have forgotten the Prince of Peace.

Show our leaders a foreign policy for freedom and peace where political and imperial gains are not placed above the sanctity of life.


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