A Question of Free and Equal Rights for All — Not Race

Rand Paul was recently criticized for not agreeing with Title II of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.   Paul justifiably argued that the distinction between public and private institutions was blurred in the bill.

The bill does take away rights from private business owners. All businesses should have the same right to discriminate against whomever they may wish, just as those very same groups discriminated against should have the free and equal right to boycott the hell out of those very same businesses that discriminated against them.

If there was no law forcing all business owners to serve all customers, minorities and other groups of people who may be discriminated against would know which businesses were racist or had racist people working in them, and would know which businesses to boycott. Non-racist white people would follow and help boycott those very same businesses, which will lead to a lot of potential revenues being lost.

This is how noncriminal racism should be filtered out of society, not by government legislation. Racism can only end when people of all races can be open minded enough to accept each other for who they are and their individual attributes, instead of discriminating against each other over minor differences in their physical attributes.

This was a question of private property rights — not of race. If this part of the Civil Rights Act was repealed, black business owners would have the same right to discriminate against white patrons and vice versa.  This issue isn’t race; it is fair and equal rights to all private property owners, black and white alike. A black business owner should have the same free and equal right not to do business with a white man who walks onto their property wearing a confederate flag on their hat or t-shirt.

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