A Real Cost of War

The major assumptions underlying the US wars of aggression in the Middle East often go unchallenged by our political and media establishments.  And even more inexcusably, we, the people, are conditioned by these very establishments into accepting the State’s wars as efforts to “fight terrorism” or “spread Democracy,” neither of which is the case.

War is not looked at in terms of civilian casualties, for if it were, there wouldn’t be nearly as much warfare as there is. These casualties, no matter how deadly and how numerous, often go unreported by our mainstream news networks which direct our attention to trivialities and cultural inanities. 

As wars have advanced throughout history, as has the technology used to fight them. Consequently, the majority of those affected by warfare have become civilians, and because the majority of those killed in wars are civilians, the issue of civilian casualties should invite more concern from the public.

Below is an excellent video illustrating one of the real costs of war: civilian casualties, explicitly those caused by US drone strikes [warning:  graphic images — watch at your own discretion].

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