A Recap of a Whirlwind: Guilford College YAL Busy and Successful in 2013

Guilford YAL is off to a fantastic start for the Fall 2013 semester!  Our club had a successful recruitment drive.  Since Guilford YAL was founded prior to the Spring 2013 semester, this was our first time experiencing fall recruitment.  We quickly noticed there are a variety of advantages!

For instance, we had the opportunity to be a part of the Guilford College Student Organization Fair, which was sponsored by Guilford’s Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE).   


At the Organization Fair, there was a music festival and ice cream was provided for students by OSLE.  Each club’s table had different ice cream toppings. Guilford YAL hosted the chocolate syrup and the pecans. We had a blast!  Students rotated through the club tables to construct their ideal sundae. 

sloe fair

By the end of the fair, we had received more than 20 new sign-ups. Our club gave out copies of the book, Why Liberty (thank you, Students for Liberty!), candy, and flyers with information about our first meeting. 

Once the semester began, Hannah McNeil (our Vice President) and I began spreading the word about the first meeting by chalking up the Guilford campus. 

Hannah Chalking

Pamela Chalking


I had the opportunity to work with the Guilford College Republicans on a September 11 memorial.  On the night of September 10, we placed into the ground, one flag for every individual that passed on September 11, 2001. Students passing by stopped to help and it was great to see so many individuals choosing to work together. The atmosphere was quite solemn, but you could hear individuals discussing their own September 11 stories. The end result was made a big impact on campus.

9-11 Memorial

Below I am pictured with Will Moore, President of the Guilford College Republicans.  Showcased also is the coverage received for the event in our school newspaper, The Guilfordian.

Will and Pamela - Guilfordian

Guilford College returned from summer break a bit later than many schools.  Therefore our first meeting of the Fall 2013 semester was held on September 11, 2013 at 5 p.m.  Around thirteen people came out to the first meeting, which was a pizza party (thank you, YAL!). 

Pizza Party from YAL

First Meeting of Fall 2013

Music was playing as everyone arrived and we gave out more copies of the book, Why Liberty.  One of our new members suggested donating a couple of copies to the Political Science department.  Guilford YAL also plans on contributing copies to the library in The Greenleaf (our campus coffee shop).

Why Liberty Books

Guilford YAL has been meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 5 p.m., but recently the club decided to switch things up.  Instead of an evening meeting, we held a Liberty Luncheon at 1 p.m. on Wednesday October 2.  The alternate time allowed people to attend who usually have a conflict with the club’s standard meeting time.  At our lunch gathering we gained a new sign-up.

Liberty Luncheon 1

At the luncheon, we covered details of upcoming club events (for instance our Constitution Week video). Although, for the most part we just chatted about whatever was on our mind. Our meeting was a club social—an opportunity to have lunch with a group of like-minded individuals.  Unanimously the club declared Liberty Luncheons to be a great midday break and we plan on hosting more in future. After all, what’s more fun than a table of libertarians?

Liberty Luncheon 2

After a week off, Guilford College returned from Fall Break on Monday, October 21.  Guilford YAL is looking forward to participating in YAL-O-WEEN and the club is already thinking ahead to YAL’s upcoming Choose Charity event.  

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