A Resurgence of Liberty at the University of North Georgia

Liberty activism has been quiet at the University of North Georgia for far too long. Luckily, I was able to put together a great team of individuals willing to help our newly formed chapter hit the ground running and that is exactly what we did this past week.

In preparation for our first meeting, we flooded the campus, primarily the dorm buildings, with flyers and chalked in multiple places. We also set up tables on the day before and the day of our first meeting to increase awareness that there is now a club for libertarian students on campus.

These both proved to be a great success as our PR guy, Jorge, put his experience in the retail industry to use and got a total of 29 sign-ups.

At our first meeting we had a turnout of 15 people, which exceeded all of our expectations. I took the opportunity to introduce what libertarianism is, but I wanted to do it in a different way then just listing how most libertarians feel about issues x, y, and z. Instead, I discussed the Non-Aggression Principle to establish the foundation of most libertarian thought so that those in attendance could begin to understand what libertarianism is, not just what we think about different things. Below is a video of most of the meeting.

We chose to record our meetings for various reasons. It not only gives people a chance to instantly share what our chapter is all about, but it lets us watch it back to see where we can improve and gives others the opportunity to critique us as well. Expect for these videos to improve as time progresses and we procure better resources than the iPad that we shot it on.

While the video doesn’t capture it, following the talk a great and interactive discussion took place regarding multiple aspects of libertarianism and (to no surprise) Syria.

Post Talk Discussion

Needless to say, the trajectory for liberty at North Georgia is looking up, and we only expect greater numbers and growth in the months to come!

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