A rockin’ Incarceration Nation @ Saint Vincent College

Saint Vincent College went all out for our first Spring activism project, and we knew that our small school could make a big impact.

Ladies at SVC love liberty

We had the goal of building a very elaborate prison, which meant a lot of hard work.

Collecting jail supplies

Chapter President hard at work

But all that hard work paid off, with our final product.

Good product, sad prisoner

On the day of our event we were blown away by the amount of support we got. The support came not only from the students, but from parents and teachers who passed by.



“Are you serious?!” was the response we received from many students when we told them the story of Weldon Angelos. 


It was important to all of our of members to spread Weldon’s story on campus. College students are naïve to the reality of mass incarceration of minorities and the poor, who are incarcerated for mostly drug related offenses. 

Our chapter has started a new conversation on our Catholic, private college campus. A message that can be shared no matter your race, religion, or political affiliation. We, as college students, need to band together if we want to #FixTheSystem. 

YAL @ SVC had a fantastic first year, and we can’t wait to spread liberty again in the Fall.

For liberty,


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