A Rocky Road, but We Are Experiencing Growth at University of Wisconsin-Superior

It’s been an interesting start to the year for YAL at UW-Superior. This past summer, I drove out to the YAL National Convention, the lone member of my chapter, and had an amazing experience with so many like-minded people! At that point it became clear that it was time to come back and grow Young Americans for Liberty at UW-Superior.

So far, there have been highs and lows, but I am confident that we will continue to grow in the future. Fortunately, with the help of the some gentlemen from the Leadership Institute and utilizing Facebook graph search, we were able to find a base of about five people who are regularly showing up to meetings that we hold once a week — which is impressive considering that we are a small campus of around 2,500 students.

Tabling with LI
We have been trying to get tabling in as much as possible, but unfortunately have hit a bureaucratic hurdle with the campus administration. We started out the semester with the idea, that in order to grow, we would need to just grab a table because there are typically many of them not being used. Unfortunately, we were shot down during Constitution Week, of all weeks. I was greeted by a friendly lady within our student union who seemed to have a trifle bit too much time on her hands. She explained to me the bureaucratic method for reserving a table and that we need to be officially recognized by the school.

First meeting
Now, in order to table, we have to be officially recognized by the university, and the  woman who approves student organizations is off on some sort of vacation and unable to approve the paperwork that we submitted two weeks ago until she is back on Monday. It has been clear from the administrators that I have spoken with that they do not like our presence on campus. It’s a true testament to the problems of big government when you actually see the ineptness and favoritism of it in action.

Hopefully, things will get straightened out next week with the bureaucracy, because they may not like Young Americans for Liberty’s message, but it is not their place to pick and choose which campus organizations they are going to expedite through the process and which ones they aren’t going to.

Bad Camera Phone Picture, that was literally instants before we were kicked out of Constitution week tabling!
So, long story short, our Constitution Week has been riddled with fighting bureaucrats over our right to free speech on campus. We have experienced growth and are planning on trying to do a free speech wall next week, so things are not all bad however. The future of YAL at UWS is going to be an interesting one, because people are more open to the ideas of liberty than partisan politics!

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