A Semester Of Legendary Proportions

It’s going to be a semester of epic proportions at Columbus State University, and let me tell you: Our chapter is pumped. We have big things planned for the semester to come, from movie screenings to inviting speakers to campus to talk about criminal justice reform. Planning is key in all of this, but we really want to focus on quality, not just quantity, this semester at CSU.

The semester is off to a good start already. Our officers had a leadership retreat the weekend before the semester started. There, we discussed our specific goals that we want to accomplish this semester, such as growing our chapter leadership. We set some soft dates for meetings and events throughout the semester. We met with friends from like-minded organizations and causes such as The Leadership Institute and Students For Liberty in order to set an overall liberty-related agenda for our campus, and to outline how YAL can contribute.

Finally, we spent our first week back on campus recruiting like crazy. We attended our school’s RSO fair, clipboarded around campus, and spoke to students about issues such as the drug war and prison overpopulation. All in all, the week was a success, and several hundred students expressed interest in some of YAL’s causes. It will be critical that we follow up with these members in the weeks to come, so we will be planning additional events related to prison reform and marijuana legalization throughout the semester.

All in all, it is looking like we are off to a good start. So now it’s away from the blog-o-sphere and back to the recruitment table for YAL @ Columbus State University. Naturally, we will be taking frequent water breaks to beat the Georgia heat. Wish us luck!

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