A Student Seminar in CO Springs You Won’t Want to Miss!

From June 17–21, the Independent Institute is hosting a seminar for college students you won’t want to miss. The Challenge for Liberty seminar will take you on a journey covering the fundamentals of economics and free societies. The faculty will cover the basics as well as give advanced lectures on war, welfare, the Fed, business cycles, and much more.

The event is free. The Institute covers housing at the Marriott, registration, and meals for most of the week.

I will give several lectures, joined by a stellar lineup of speakers:

  • Paul Prentice (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) on praxeology and environmentalism
  • Alexandre Padilla (Metropolitan State College of Denver) on public choice and economics fundamentals 
  • John Cochran (Metropolitan State College of Denver) on Austrian business cycle theory
  • Jose Yúlo (Academy of Art University, San Francisco) on ethics and liberty 
  • Robert Higgs (Independent Institute) on the welfare-warfare state and myths of the Great Depression
  • Ivan Pongracic (Hillsdale College) on regulation and the economic follies of socialism

Colorado is a great place for college students to get away in the summer. This seminar will only make it all the more memorable. The Independent Institute is especially interested in students from Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah, but will consider all applications. Sign up today! Make it an unforgettable summer!

Those who cannot attend in June should also check out the Institute’s Berkeley seminar in July. And please pass the word along!

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