A successful Constitution Week at USF

Vince and Lana

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Constitution Week! After a couple weeks of recruitment we moved on to celebrate the 225 years of the Constitution by making a free speech wall. We set up three 4 by 8 pieces of plywood and attached legs to help stand them. Unfortunately, after our first two days of the free speech wall we came to set up in the morning to find that the legs standing up all three walls were ripped off. The anti-liberty thieves left the walls stacked against each other on a tree. Even though it was disappointing to see that someone would be against our First Amendment rights, our new set up proved to be more effective and spread the walls to cover more ground.

The walls

We stood by our free speech wall Monday through Friday between two busy landmarks on campus and made a name for ourselves on campus. Many students whether they agreed with our ideals or not were happy to see a group that actively participated on campus. We even had a journalist student ask to write her big piece on us. She asked us who we were, why we were advocating these rights, and also about other things we plan to do. She was very intrigued and told us she would get in contact with us after she posts the story to USF’s Bull Pen.

Liberty makes people happy

By the end of Constitution Week, we’d signed up thirty-seven new members, and we have seven of those new members who actively participate and come to meetings. Two of them were already elected for chapter officer positions. We made our mark on campus for the semester and USF can plan on seeing us for the rest of the year!

Katerina and Vincent

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