A Successful Recruitment Drive at Indiana University!

Here at Indiana University, we wanted to hit recruitment hard this semester and really grow our membership. As the year started out, we hung flyers throughout campus and tabled in order to engage freshman and new students. We created several different flyers which advertised both our call-out and our involvement at our student activities fair.


YAL@IU Flyer 4

YAL@IU Flyer2

YAL@IU Flyer3

YAL@IU Flyer1We had tremendous success at our student activities fair with more than 100 new signups. We invited students to take the World’s Smallest Political quiz in order to show people that they might be more liberty-friendly than they once thought. It was a great way to draw attention to our table, and a great way to start a conversation. We had a lot of success while using this quiz to recruit new members. The ring pops helped as well!

Activities Fair1

Activities Fair2

We held our call-outs the following two nights where we had Domino’s Pizza thanks to the generous gift-card from YAL National. We also had some burritos donated from Chipotle — and let me tell you, we needed all the food we could get our hands on! We had two very successful call-out meetings. We had 35 students come to our first call-out and another 32 new faces come to our second call-out. In total, we had the chance to meet 67 new students who wanted to get involved in Young Americans for Liberty. The combination of putting up flyers around campus, collecting sign-ups while tabling, and chalking worked out great for us!



Overall it was a very successful recruitment drive here at Indiana University. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and make some new friends. Thanks again to YAL National for giving us the tools and materials we needed to succeed. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish this year! 

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