A Successsful Start at Penn State-Main Campus!

In the past two weeks, YAL at Penn State has been making some great progress.  We held our first tabling event during the second week of classes, were recognized as an official PSU club last week, and held our first meeting this week! 

Our tabling event was fantastic.  In four hours, we signed up more than thirty potential members.  About a dozen of these new activists almost sprinted up to the table to sign up!  We gave out almost two dozen copies of YAR, 40 copies of The Morality of Capitalism, and many other of the YAL and SFL activism kit materials.  Here’re a couple interested students signing up!  (I promise I’m not as angry as I look!)

 New Members

As our club was not an official PSU club, we didn’t have access to the activity fair.  Our solution?  Set up the table directly outside the entrance to the activity fair!  After bypassing the security stand (PSU has fantastic security guards, who pay little attention to whether cars are authorized to enter or not), we parked on the street and got to work.  I was extremely proud of how professional our table looked — the YAL National Convention taught some great lessons!

Jon and The Table

Much of our success from this tabling session was due to two new YAL members, Evan and Jimmy, whom we connected with on our Facebook page.  They immediately volunteered to help with the tabling event, and instantly doubled our active membership.  It was great getting to know some new liberty activists! 

Here’s one of our new members, proudly recieving his first copy of YAR:

YAR Distribution

We held our first meeting last Monday, directly before the College Republicans.  We had seven new members show up, and over ten other students emailed me to tell me they wanted to help out, but couldn’t make the meeting.  So, that gives us almost 20 members after only one tabling session!  After speaking with the new members, we’ve decided to change our meeting times to allow more students to attend.  We’re all looking forward to our second meeting next week, as well as our Free Speech Wall for Constitution Week!

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