A Tragic Monologue

Two wars is not enough. We need three. Why? Because warhawks now run the show. The antiwar right has been dead for a while and no one is surprised about that. However, the left’s abandonment of their antiwar principles is even more discouraging. They can no longer be counted on to protest unjust wars and occupations. Just as the right lost its principled stance against nonsensical wars, so did the left. The two party system is more like a one party system. The dominant party is the War Party and it’s here to stay.

Because of this unique scenario, the lack of any meaningful dialogue on war, covert wars in Yemen will continue to go on unchallenged because an Al Qaeda sect calls those mountains their home. And no one will do a single thing about it because it has turned into a tragic monologue. War, war, war. The mantra will be repeated. For 18 months, the American taxpayer will throw $70 million at the failed state of Yemen to nation build. Of course, they make nation-building sound like it is actually making a difference by “equipping and training Yemeni military.” No good will come out of it. The US is using conventional methods to combat an unconventional enemy. With three fruitless wars now in progress and countless other “operations,” when will we learn that enough is enough?

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