A trillion here, A billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking about real money.

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My name is James Touhey and I have been part of YAL for over about a year and have been doing my part to spread the message of liberty in my community/campus. With that said, I have just come aboard as a part-time blogger to voice some of my opinions on some of the news info that I come accross on the internet. I hope that you enjoy them.

Title: A trillion here, A billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking about real money.

Obama's Got Money

It is often said that in times of great adversity a house divided cannot stand, and in today’s partisan political atmosphere I think no sane or logical person would care to disagree with that statement. However, I am also willing to bet our 111th United States Congress would beg to differ. Because as with many of their solutions to problems, it is far too often the easiest course of action to just throw money at a problem, and hope it goes away.

Yet how can a House Of Representatives divided manage to keep itself from collapsing? How does going out and buying themselves some new stuff on the taxpayer dime sound? Pretty good, huh? At least our elected representatives sure think so. As the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation — a nonprofit that works to make government more transparent — has found, they spent ONE BILLION dollars on themselves over the course of the last six months of 2009 and first three months of 2010.

Per usual, they probably ask themselves who better to spend the seemingly bottomless piggy bank of taxpayer money on then themselves? You know, with their $500,000 dollars worth of re-carpeting this year, and the fact that they didn’t forget the matching drapes and furniture, costing us an additional $2.8 million dollars. How about $2.6 million dollars on food and beverages, including $600,000 dollars spent on bottled water, $85,000 dollars spent on gourmet coffee, and $170,000 dollars on catered food. But hey, people need to eat right? What about the $12.5 million dollars spent on travel expenses in more than 21,000 separate instances? But hey, that’s the cost of legislating a country right? Yeah, ok.

In my opinion, the problem with government is that they seem to live in a separate reality from the rest of the country. They don’t seem to care about the ethical spending of taxpayer dollars as they give themselves top of the line private healthcare along with substantial cost of living raises every year.  Perhaps it’s the fact that 237 of them are millionaires. Yes, that’s almost half of the body as compared to about 1 percent of American population.

But then again, at least we know where that money went. Unlike say the nine billion dollars that is currently unaccounted for in Iraq that was suppose to be used for reconstruction.

Case in point, if we do not all stand up together and shrink our federal government it is only a matter of time before they step up and stand on us. But then again; a trillion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking about real money.

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