A Victory for YAL at the University of Houston-Clear Lake


Clint Townsend, YAL Chapter President at the University of North Texas, was not joking when he stressed the effectiveness of Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) at a conference between leaders of the liberty movement in Texas last semester.

Our YAL chapter secretary, Meggan, and I implemented OPH at the annual Student Organization Expo at the University of Houston–Clear Lake and we were extremely successful in our recruitment efforts:  Over 20 students provided us with contact information! In comparison to other universities, this is not an overly large number, but with the size of UHCL in mind, 20 plus students was quite a significant number. The mood at the Expo was ecstatic and we had a great time associating with new and returning students. Also, I was able to convince a majority of faculty members to participate in the fun of OPH.

OPH illuminated a theory I have firmly held over the last couple of years:  Many people strongly support the message of liberty without even knowing it. At least half of the students who signed up were surprised that they fell into the strictly libertarian bracket — I was not. From my experience implementing OPH, it seems that young people lean towards liberty because they realize government has done way too much for way too long, and they see it has not worked out in their favor. For instance, there were an overwhelming number of people who agreed that privatizing Social Security would be a good idea.

Overall, I can honestly say implementing OPH is one of the best methods of recruitment for those of us involved in spreading the message of more personal responsibility and less government. Words cannot describe the feeling I had as I witnessed the growth of the liberty movement firsthand.

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