A Video That Deserves to Be Viral

As Tom Woods argued today, this video of Congressman Ron Paul’s remarks on the House floor Wednesday needs to be spread far and wide. In it, Rep. Paul

  • ties the TSA abuses together with the wider context of our government’s failed and flawed policies (domestic and foreign)
  • explains how his “American Traveler Dignity Act” would solve much of the problem by removing any immunity from TSA agents 
  • reminds us that the government is supposed to protect liberty, not invade it
  • challenges his fellow Congressmen and public officials to submit themselves to the same ridiculous TSA procedures we all have to go through
  • puts the problem of terrorism into perspective
  • points out the “cattle” mentality that brought us to this point
  • gives a rousing endorsement of the National Opt-Out Day on Nov. 24th

Watch the video and share with friends.  Then check out the activism ideas and sample fliers YAL has on our “Want to Protest the TSA?” page.

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