A year in the Life of Stetson YAL

The Stetson YAL chapter has made strides since the ending of the Fall semester. We’ve sucessfully exucuted multiple events including a “Speed” Debate, Ax the Tax, a Liberty wall, and a propaganda protest about the staus of student’s second admendment right on campus. The latter has been our most sucessful event that our chapter has had since its conception- we’ve gained 5 new members, and genereated visibility on a sevearly liberal campus. 

We’ve expereinced much push back from the school on our ability to post fliers on campus, to the extent that multiple faculty members and students had torn down all posters about Gun rights and many other’s with the Young Americans for Liberty logo on them. A dean of the School of Music went as far to vicsiouly emailing our chapter, stating that “…this is not a free speech issue.”  when we promted that he was censoring our club unfairly. The student body of stetson has encountered trouble with student fliers being torn down, one of which caught the interest of our College’s President, and started a peacful protest with her approval- YAL of ocurse was not treated in the same fashion. 

We plan on making sure that rights of students are being upheld, and that we continue to promote Liberty here at Stetson. Collage of all events

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