Accepted Students Weekend @College of Charleston

The College of Charleston has a special weekend where students who were accepted into the college can come to the campus, see what it has to offer, and show off the beautiful City of Charleston. Over this weekend, student organizations have the opportunity to show off their clubs, and recruit future members. Young Americans for Liberty at the College of Charleston tabled at the ASW with new books obtained at LibertyCon, and donated by the Cato Institute.

We also had a special guest join us, as I personally purchased a cardboard cutout of Ron Paul and had him on display for people to see, as well as take pictures with. We obtained emails, and spurred this interaction by having people take our quiz to see where they land on the political spectrum. We found a lot of libertarians, as well as a few conservatives and liberals, and one statist. We had a blast at the ASW in Charleston, enjoying the amazing weather, and meeting some of the future members of the best pro-liberty organization on the College of Charleston campus.

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