Activism and Free Speech at Humboldt State University

We’ve had a great semester so far for liberty at Humboldt State University. We’ve been tabling almost every week and we even ran out of official stickers for the political quiz that we had to start using Star Wars stickers which the students adored.
Our numbers continue to grow as we spread the message of liberty to students from all walks of life. With all of the activity in the political world right now, it’s not hard finding people passionate about their beliefs and ideals at Humboldt State. Even though a majority of students are of the “Socialist mindset” at HSU, we always manage to find common ground and are always open to discussing opposing viewpoints ​​at our meetings which students find very refreshing. 

We’ve had much success promoting the importance of the freedom of speech, and we had more than a dozen people showed up to view the new documentary “Can we take a Joke?” Even though some of them couldn’t stay for the discussion, it seemed like everybody had a generally positive viewpoint towards the topics brought up in the film, and every single one of the people who stayed for the discussion after the film signed up to be members of the club which was awesome.
As the end of the semester approaches, we will continue to find new members and have people join the fight for the freedom of speech by filling out the petitions for the University to be a defender of free speech instead of trying to silence people for dissenting viewpoints.
We are confident that we will continue to grow the support of many students in also standing up for the freedom of speech, as well as other values of liberty at HSU.
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