Activism and Professor Bias

At Western Carolina University, free speech is doing quite well. I was very pleased when my alumni adviser, Aaron Littlefield, told me that WCU ranked number one in the nation for free speech sign-ups. I was extremely proud of my group, because I know I couldn’t have done it without them! This semester, we have held various meetings, and we have also held one table thus far. We have not conducted any YAL events yet, as I am now a History major and I want to make sure I have everything situated, along with the fact that myself, as well as some of my group, will be attending CPAC starting on the 22nd. We certainly plan to hold an activism event very, very soon, though.

On another note, let me speak of some bias I have recently experienced. As I stated in the previous paragraph, I am now a History major. For my Seminar class, I decided to write a research paper on Black Confederate soldiers in the U.S. Civil War (yes, they certainly existed). I planned on using historical quotes, as well as eyewitness accounts, to write my paper. I have a book with the names of 7,000 African-Americans who fought for the Confederacy, and it even lists those who were paid pensions after the war. For those who have seen my profile picture, you could probably gather that I am a civil war buff. When I submitted the sources, my professor basically told me that some of my sources were no good, and that if I wanted to proceed with the topic, I should use the sources he linked to me, which were very liberally biased. He graded me at about a 70 or 75, for my proposal, simply because he didn’t like some of my sources! If anyone would like any more information, especially on the topic of Black Confederates, please feel free to contact me. I thoroughly enjoy discussing it!

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