Activism at Benedictine College

Yesterday, Benedictine College Young Americans for Liberty held a table in our student center to gather the opinions of the masses (of Benedictine students). Our prompt was simple; Should you be able to sell? We found that many of the students had many differing opinions about the free-market and we were able to eloquently explain our views and why we see them as solutions to the incarceration problems in our society.


Throughout the day our prompt point of lessening restrictions leads to lessening of the prison population really resonated with the students that see an inherent injustice in our criminal justice system. Once we started to effectively explain the Incarceration Nation movement students understood the consequences of over-regulation within a market.

On the day we had a dozen new sign-ups, two of which were’t even students, they were administration members. We introduced YAL to many students and found a few enthusiastic students who may become activists very soon. An overall success for Benedictines YAL chapter. Liberty is coming to Kansas!


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