Activism at Mississippi College

The U.S national debt is a BIG problem. 

Molly Halpin

The Young Americans for Liberty at Mississippi College brought awareness to our campus this past Wednesday in the form of a thirty-foot debt clock. It was set up in the cafeteria during the breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. We manned a table next to the display to answer questions and begin dialogues. The campus was very receptive, and most of the students agreed that the national debt was a serious problem. 

Josh Eddie, Ian Hammond

The YAL group members attempted to turn conversations towards probable solutions to this issue and from there explained the consequences of printing, taxing, and borrowing money to pay off already existing debt. After eliminating those three options, they sought to show how cutting spending was the only responsible way to rid the United States of their insatiable appetite for irresponsible deficit spending.

Ashton Corley

 Students who demonstrated interest in liberty, the group, or economics wrote down their emails to be notified about the YAL interest meeting taking place this fall. 

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