Activism at Robert Morris University

The beginning of the year activities fair is my absolute favorite time to get the club going. RMU provides all 162 clubs and organizations the chance to get people involved. The atmosphere is always excited as student scramble to find things that they are interested in. Freshman are excited to start their college life and make friends with their interests. All the group’s are gathered together and having fun. Our group loves to cause a scene and have playful arguments with our affiliated College Republicans group.

Our goal is to always ask questions and really get to know each individual and what matters to them. Then we show them how they agree with one or more of our ideals. Once we relate to them we explain what past events we have done and what to expect. 

This year we signed up 62 new people. 31 of which showed up to our follow up meeting. 

We’re really excited with our new year!

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