Activism at Wake Tech

Going into semester number three of our chapter, and my second as Chapter President, we see people are much more receptive to YAL and we’re getting a little sharper at our abilities to table, lead meetings, and persuade people to liberty. We had a successful meeting and very successful tabling already, with lots of interest in YAL, of course! I’ve had people recognize me from last semester, and new ones who were enthusiastic about learning more and getting involved. A personal feat, I think, was keeping the presidential discussion to a minimum and even convincing the “Make America Great Again” hat guy to sign up. As usual, the activism kit was very helpful in getting interest to our table, and many more people took books than I had expected. “Econ in One Lesson” and “The Law” were actually big hits, and the Constitution is always a big help. All in all, we’re looking forward to the semester ahead.

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