Activism at Walsh University

The Walsh University YAL chapter has picked up steam this semester. We have partnered with another freedom oriented group on campus and have held tabling events and meetings every week.
Fight for Freedom!
We have discussed two activism events this semester which will include the Walsh University Political Debate, which will consist of the College Republican chapter president vs. the College Democrat chapter president vs. Walsh University’s YAL chapter president. We expect this to generate huge interest across the political spectrum.
The second event will be the free speech event that will take place on April 13th. We will be participating in YAL’s big event for free speech by asking students to attend our showing of “Can We Take a Joke?” We will also get a poster board and ask students to stand up for free speech by writing whatever they wish on the poster board.
We have already seen an increase in meeting attendance as well as sign-ups. Our chapter will continue to fight to spread the message of liberty to places where it has not yet reached.    
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