Activism Done Right at COCC

Here at Central Oregon Community College, I really wanted to make our next YAL event a big success for a couple reasons:

  1. To increase our numbers
  2. To gain access to more resources
  3. To get our chapter more street credit on the campus
  4. To help grow the student liberty movement in Oregon 

Here’s how we did it:

First we picked a day for our next tabling event and general interest meeting; March 11. Then, we put flyers all over the college a week or so before the event. The flyers had info regarding our next event, what YAL was all about, and where people could find our chapter online (we probably should have put the Facebook page on the flyers as well).


At the bottom of the flyers we put different quotes that would correspond to the different buildings we would be putting them in. For instance, a health care-related quote for the Health Careers Center Building.


It should be noted, that we were supposed to get a stamp of approval on all our flyers before we could put them up around the campus (most schools will ask that you do the same).


Don’t let that stop you from putting up your own flyers, especially if you aren’t recognized by the school yet, as most other people probably won’t follow these rules anyways (as evidenced by our campus).

Finally, on the 11th, we had our recruitment table and general interest meeting. For the table we used the supplies from the Free Markets 101 kit and the Jenga-nomics game again.


It was a smashing success! Lots of people stopped by to check out our table.


We handed out lots of YAL materials and flyers for our general interest meeting.

Major props to Rich for helping out!

We also doubled the number of people from our last table who wanted to be on our e-mail list.

Lots of interest

Many students were happy to see other people out there doing something. And we had some awesome conversations. We tried to encourage people to become members and explained the benefit of doing so for our chapter and the free swag they’d get. We also talked about the foreign policy event we have planned next month.

New contacts

By the time we were done we had blown through a lot of materials (we only had one of these brochures left).

Last one...

At the general interest meeting, only two guys showed up (which I consider a success — it could have been none, lol).

General interest meeting

One of them saw the flyers we had put up and the other person we had invited from the table earlier that day. I explained to them what being a member of YAL had to offer, and the aspirations I had for the student liberty movement in Oregon. I tried to encourage membership to our chapter and talked about our next event.

One of the guys who showed up to the meeting said a couple of his buddies might be coming, so I stuck around for about an hour or so, packed up, called it a day, and went home to kill some zombies with some friends.


It was really successful day! It’s always a lot of fun talking with people and finding out what they’re passionate about. But remembering to take pictures while you’re engrossed in a conversation about the non-aggression principle is sometimes a little challenging.

Also, I feel that planning ahead and advertising well in advance had a lot to do with our success. And I think people are getting used to seeing our YAL chapter doing stuff on the campus. So maybe consistency has much to do with the popularity of our events.

I hope our effects have motivated others and I can’t wait for next month!

Find us on Facebook here.

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