Activism Event at University of Kentucky

Today at the University of Kentucky, we helped remind students on campus about their right to free speech.  In order to do this, we brought a “free speech ball” to a busy area of campus and encouraged students to express their right to free speech by writing on the ball.  We were lucky to get a day with beautiful weather, as that meant that there were more students than normal spending time on campus.  Seeing a giant beach ball on campus was obviously a surprise for students, which drew them to come hear our message. I was surprised to see how shocked so many of the students were that they could write whatever they wanted, with no restrictions. It was interesting to see the different messages that students chose to write.  As seen in the photos, they wrote everything from political statements to Bible verses!  While some students didn’t want to participate, there were many others that were excited to have an opportunity to express themselves without being censored or silenced.  We also handed out pocket copies of theConstitution to people, which also sparked an interest.  This was the first that a lot of students had heard of Young Americans for Liberty and seemed interested in what we had to share with them.  I’m very excited to continue to grow the YAL chapter at University of Kentucky and get the campus excited for liberty.  Included are some pictures from the event, including the leadership team and students writing on the ball. 



A group of UK students approaches the free speech ball.

Students signing free speech ball at UK

Students were free to write whatever they wanted on the ball.  Pictured above are students enjoy this freedom.

Comments on Free Speech Ball

A sample of messages left on the ball!

 YAL at UK

YAL team is getting University of Kentucky excited for liberty!

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