Activism Grant for Petition to End the War Month

YAL’s antiwar campaign for the month of March is a great opportunity to reach an unprecedented number of students on campus.  Protesting for peace is perennially popular on college campuses, but the question remains:  How creative and enthusiastic will YAL groups be in standing up to end our foreign adventurism?

Regardless of whether it’s getting as many petition signatures as possible and then giving them to your local congressmen, or scheduling an exciting activism event on campus, YAL is offering up to $150 in activism grants to help with your efforts, as well as copies of the new issue of YAR.

Click here to apply.

Stuck on ideas? Read through The Petition to End the War Handbook, which includes a lot of activism ideas.

Here are a couple ideas to consider that weren’t included in the handbook:

  • Have a religious leader (pastor, rabbi, etc) come and pray for the soldier and civilian lives lost in the war.
  • Since the day the war began, March 20, is on a Saturday, advertise on campus and the surrounding community for weeks before that date that there will be a candle lit vigil on campus in honor of the troop and civilian lives lost in the wars.  Invite as many people as you can; this can be extremely moving with large participation.*
  • Display a collage of the faces of all the soldiers lost in the two wars asking whether or not it has been worth it.
  • Create posters giving facts about both wars — you might cover money spent, lives lost, or campaign lies.  Check out the Death and Taxes poster, for instance.

Contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

*Kudos to NHSS for their Drug War candle lit vigil.

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