Activism Idea: Freedom Fridays!

Jared Fuller from YAL’s Wake Forest University chapter posted a great idea for campus activists – check it out:

Freedom Fridays is a campaign that my Wake Forest YAL group started up a couple weeks ago. The concept is rather simple, but it makes the people in your group have a cohesive item of weekly action. So what do you do? I’ll tell ya:

Fist pick out a liberty topic. This could range from government intervention to health policy to war to whatever else. Just pick one. Then, have a couple kids design a couple different single page color fliers (Remember to have big fonts and a good graphic to pull them in) and also small fliers (e.g., a solid quote on capitalism by Rothbard, four per page then cut) so that you can post up the single page fliers on walls, boards, and wherever else can draw attention. The smaller ones are designed to be left on tables, chairs in classrooms, mailboxes, taped to the inside of bathroom stalls, I think you get the picture. The bigger single page ones, as said, can go in hallways, posted on pillars, and anywhere else that gets high foot traffic.

So every Thursday night you post up and cover the campus with a single liberty oriented topic, a new one each Thursday night, to create the feeling that the campus is being overun by libertarians–when everyone else wakes up and goes to class, they will experience FREEDOM FRIDAYS! Seriously, in our halls at least 1 out of 3 fliers (sometimes more) are libertarian ones now and no one really knows who is putting up the fliers, but everyone just thinks that there are alot of libertarians on campus now. It’s almost like the new “in” thing!

Read the rest of the post and see sample flyers and handouts here.

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