Activism Idea: Move-in Day

YAL T-ShirtsIf you’re a YAL member who’s a sophomore, junior, or senior, take a hint out of the fraternity and sorority play book and use freshmen move-in week as a recruitment opportunity!  If you can get back to campus in time for when the freshmen move in, wear a YAL shirt and help the new students get settled in their dorm rooms.

Once you’ve helped them move in, invite your new acquaintances to your first YAL meeting (have some flyers on hand).  If your plan works, they just might feel obliged to check YAL out! 

Make sure you leave contact info like your email, Facebook, and even phone number so they can get in touch with any questions about YAL or their new school in general — and if they seem interested in YAL, ask for their info as well so you can follow up.

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