Activism Update – September 2016

The first major event we held this semester at St. Olaf College was tabling/recruitment at our school’s Co-Curricular Fair, on September 13. All in all, it was a big success. We had over 2 dozen new people sign up for our mailing list and recruited multiple first years to come to our weekly meetings. We even had some brief discussions about current issues,mainly the Dakota pipeline, with a few of the students that stopped by.
Our second major event was a tabling session for the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, on September 29. We invited students of any political affiliation to take the quiz, and once they finished, we would mark their position on our Nolan Chart. We expected most/all of the students to be somewhere in the liberal section, but to our surprise, quite a few students ended up in the centrist or libertarian quadrants, and one or two even scored in the conservative section.
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