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As the YAL chapter President of Florida State College at Jacksonville, I’ve taken on what I believe to be a rather unique role. FSCJ is a State College serving Duval County and parts of Nassau County in Florida. With a total enrollment of ~66k students spread between online students and in person students at 9 campuses located in 2 counties and on 2 military bases presents some unique organizational problems which I’ve been working on solving over the past few months. I’ll admit that my recruitment hasn’t been amazing, however, my main advisor and myself have been disseminating palm cards and getting some soft membership sign ups in the absence of campus by campus membership drives. I’m also set to meet with three additional professors in the coming week and they have also expressed interest in spreading the message of liberty in their classes and collecting sign ups.

I’ve been more motivated than ever to grow the YAL chapter at FSCJ because the student government at FSCJ has a campaign going on where they put up posters essentially denouncing microaggressions such as complimenting someone on being articulate or using the word “ghetto.”

I’ve also gotten the college’s rules for clubs and found that I’m more inclined to start a local Political Committee to store our funds than deposit our funds with the school and fill out a form requesting approval to use them when we want to hold drives and other events.

There’s still work to be done, but the response I’ve received from professors and other students has been overwhelmingly positive and I believe that with a little more work, FSCJ will be one of the strongest YAL chapters in Florida, and the entire US of A.

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