Afghanistan: Obama’s Vietnam?

This is the question Newsweek is already asking as Obama continues to call for more involvement in Afghanistan.  Newsweek specifically lists several similarities:

The parallels are disturbing: the president, eager to show his toughness, vows to do what it takes to “win.” The nation that we are supposedly rescuing is no nation at all but rather a deeply divided, semi-failed state with an incompetent, corrupt government held to be illegitimate by a large portion of its population. The enemy is well accustomed to resisting foreign invaders and can escape into convenient refuges across the border. There are constraints on America striking those sanctuaries. Meanwhile, neighboring countries may see a chance to bog America down in a costly war. Last, there is no easy way out.

It may be too early in the presidency yet to make this call with confidence, but it’s an interesting analysis nonetheless.

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