Afghanistan War now more dangerous for civilians than ever

How would we feel if our country was occupied by another nation for over a decade in war and then that war became more deadly for our family, friends, and neighbors than ever?

That’s exactly what is happening in Afghanistan right now.  “The first half of this year was the deadliest six months for civilians in Afghanistan since the decade-old war began.”  

This can largely be attributed to the fact that when Obama took office, there were 38,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, but now there are about 100,000 — which is why it should be no surprise to us that support for the United States under President Obama is actually lower in many Middle Eastern countries than it was under Bush.

Meanwhile we continue to support the Libyan rebels who have been reported to have links to Al Qaeda and to “have damaged property, burned some homes, looted from hospitals, homes, and shops, and beaten some individuals alleged to have supported government forces.”

It would be hard to argue that our interventionist foreign policy is doing more good than harm for either the U.S. image abroad or the safety of the civilians in the countries we occupy.

If it wasn’t time to come home before, it is time now.

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