Afghanistan Was Won Years Ago…Why are We Still There?

The President announced last night that he would be increasing the troop levels in Afghanistan by 30,000. This is an attempt to push back against the insurgents that have popped back up and are now causing troubles for U.S. troops.

But here is my question: Wasn’t Afghanistan won years ago? Why are we still there?

First, I am not a neo-conservative that believes we should be policing the world and taking “the fight to the enemy” while wasting trillions of dollars. I am a traditional conservative that thinks logically and doesn’t buy into the crap that we are fed by the two major parties and the mainstream media.

With that we have made a mistake in Afghanistan. And I want you to think back…

Remember how back in 2001-2002 we went into that country, beat the shit out of them, and won the war? We helped Afghanistan set up democratic elections and they elected Hamid Karzi as their leader. We accomplished every objective we set out to accomplish, but we stayed. We stayed in a country way beyond than we needed to. Why?

Well the answer is simple:  we stayed so the Bush Administration would have an excuse to continue the “War on Terror” and now Obama is staying the course. Think about it…as long as we are engaged overseas, the government of the United States can claim our liberties for the sake of”national security.” They can strip away our freedoms because “the nation is at war.” What the American people failed to notice amongst all the government’s lies is the war was won a long time ago.

This theory is called blowback:  We have over stayed our visit, and now there is an insurgency causing problems, which allows our government to continue the war mindset and keep our freedoms in their back pockets.

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