Age of the Blockbusters or Age of Inflation?

As of January 5th 2010 the movie “Avatar” has grossed 1 billion and 63 million dollars worldwide.  This amazing box office total places James Cameron’s current film at number 4 worldwide, and it’s just getting started.  Though “Avatar” will most likely either beat out “Titanic,” or come very close to beating it, what do all these recent high grossing movies really mean?

In terms of domestic sales not adjusted for inflation we can see that the majority of the top 100 all time domestic movies were put out in the 21st century, in the past 10 years.  However, an list of the top 100 movies adjusted for inflation tells a very different story.  In this list we see that “Titanic” is knocked out of the number one position by…”Gone with the Wind”?


What seems like an era of blockbusters is really just movies as usual, but inflated.  “Avatar” has A LONG ways to go if it wants to beat out “Gone With the Wind” in ticket sales. 


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