AIG Bonuses in perspective

If the American people are soooo angry over the $218 million in AIG bonuses, how come they are not storming the White House and Capitol with pitchforks and torches as response to all of the bailouts in the past year?

The media cycle these past few days has been a massive distraction from the much greater problem — the $11.6 trillion in bailouts the US government has committed in the past year.

When you do the math, $218 million is 1 / 53,000th of the total money committed in the bailouts. The bonuses are .000019% of the total cost. What about the other 99.99998%?!!

AIG could give out the same bonuses every day for the next 145 years and still not reach the total amount of money the US government has given away in one year.

The media is giving you their dog and pony show while the taxpayer is being raped by the US government.

UPDATE: More math — There were 138 million taxpayers in 2007. If these bailouts were distributed equally to every taxpayer in 2007, we would all receive a $84,000 check. That’s how much money these banks and financial institutions are stealing from you.

What could you do with a $84,000 check? (Assuming inflation wouldn’t quickly take hold and prices would shoot throw the roof, which would eventually happen).

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